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My Expat Journey

Hi, I'm Anne Guslandi

I never imagined starting my career in France; it simply wasn't on my radar. After graduating from business school, I set my sights on Shanghai. With a plane ticket booked and an apartment found online, I embarked on my journey, knowing little more than my roommate's name, Ségolène, and my address on Xing Fu Lu.

That's how my expat adventure began in 2003. Initially, I expected to stay in Shanghai for just a couple of years. But life had other plans. My career flourished, I met my husband, and we started a family. Twelve years flew by...


At the beginning of my career, I worked for various companies, and after 10 years, I started an art business with a friend and loved the entrepreneurship. In 2015, we moved to New Jersey, where I shifted careers and became a certified coach.

Moving affects us more than we think. My clients struggled more with personal issues like confidence, mindset, stress, and feeling lost, rather than professional ones. Reinventing ourselves abroad is challenging.

When we arrived in Switzerland in 2019, I revamped my business and created Expat Coaching Corner.

Now, in 2024, after years of learning and modeling what I've learned through my own experience, as well as with my clients and friends, I'm thrilled to launch my online course paired with the Expat Corner community, jam-packed with golden nuggets made just for you 🥰


Fun Facts about me

I talk to strangers all the time
We speak/mix 3 languages at home
I love Asian food and my coffee with Soya Milk
Discovering the world, Tennis & Ski are my jam
I'm Dragon like my daughter
My husband is Tiger like my son
Friendships & Family & Fulfillment & Curiosity & Fun
are my Leading Values


Expat Life & Leadership Coach since 2017, specialized in Global Transition and Personal Leadership Development.
Master in Management, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner & Certified Professional Coach, ACC

I’ve lived abroad for over 20 years on 3 continents. I have the experience of moving alone, as a family and returning back to Europe. 


Can't wait to get to know you!

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