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Hi, I'm Anne Guslandi
Welcome to Expat Coaching Corner!

I help Expats like you, bring their Talents Abroad with Confidence

Contribute. Shine. Impact.

You are Not alone

Together it makes more of us

Going abroad with your family can be a lonely path, so creating a support system at all levels in your new life is the way to go, don't stay alone. 

We are mums and our priority #1 is our kids. We want them to feel home, happy and thrive in their new life abroad.

We won't think about ourself until that is done. Right?



Here, you'll find the support you need for every phase of your move. I'll  help you prepare and plan your relocation and also, I'll equipped you to adapt faster and start to feel home within 6 months. My goal here is to create solid & positive foundations right from the beginning.


To set you up for success, ready to bring your Talents Abroad with Confidence.

Indeed, the sooner you recreate a well-functioning ecosystem for your family, the sooner you'll have the mindset & bandwidth to focus on yourself and how you want to contribute.

Why is it key?

because I truly believe feeling fulfilled gives you tons of constructive energy to spread around. 


We often hear.

"If the kids are happy, I'm happy"which is true. But what is also true is "if I'm happy, the family will be happy too".

That's why I'm looking forward to partner with you and help you bring your Talents Abroad with Confidence, through self-leadership development, so you can discover a new career path that truly excites you, without compromising your family.

"In one word Anne is extraordinary guiding you through the self-discovery process without a fix agenda, simply focused on you as a leader".


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