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My Expat Journey

"You deserve to bring your talents abroad. 

Your family will thank you for it, because feeling fulfilled gives you an incredible energy to spread around." 

Hi, I'm Anne Guslandi

I’ve never considered starting my career in France, it wasn’t simply an option for me. After I graduated from business school, I was looking for a job in Shanghai.


I booked my flight ticket, found my apartment on the internet. My roommate was named Ségolène. That’s all I knew. This is how my expat journey started in 2003.  

I thought I would be in Shanghai for just a couple of years, but then life happened. Career wise every year was a challenge that I couldn't miss, then I met my husband, and I had my two children - I stayed 12 years...

... At the beginning of my career, I worked for different companies and after 10 years I started my own business in art with my friend—and loved it. In 2015, we moved, as a family this time, to the United States. I changed my career path and became a certified coach to help expat mumpreneurs start their nomadic business as well. 

I realised through my own experience that a move can affect us more than we think. Indeed, what was blocking my clients was more personal than professional: confidence, mindset, uncertainty…  because reinventing ourselves is not easy. 

So when we arrived in Switzerland in 2019, I revamped my business and I created Expat Coaching Corner to help Expats like you, bring their Talents abroad with Confidence, so they can find a new career path that truly excites them, without compromising the family. 


Fun Facts about me

I talk to strangers all the time
We speak/mix 3 languages at home
I love Asian food and my coffee with Soya Milk
Tennis & Ski are my jam
I'm Dragon like my daughter
My husband is Tiger like my son
Friendship & Family & Fulfillment & Curiosity & Fun
are my Leading Values


Expat Coach since 2017, specialized in Global Transition and Personal Leadership Development.
MBA, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner & Certified Professional Coach

I’ve lived abroad for over 18 years on 3 continents… Discover how my expat journey began here.


Cannot wait to get to know you!

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