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Make your team works for you not against
lead with inter-cultural agility

I give managers the time, space and tools to become more agile with different cultures by increasing their managerial soft skills within a multicultural setting. Coaching with intercultural intelligence will allow you to take your managerial soft skills to the next level to find new strategies for bridging cultural gaps, avoiding "beginner" mistakes, interacting smoothly with each other and consequently place human relationships within teams & sense of belonging at the core to perform.

Managing cultural diversity is a real challenge because we are not talking about your competence in an absolute way, your competences are highly dependent of the context, the situation and the people. What worked in one place might be not be efficient in another. We have to stop the auto-pilot. This is where agility plays an important role. 

Lead with intercultural agility is key and it's the focus of my Coaching practice.

My coaching services are tailored to your specific situation (as your need will be different):

- Integrating a new position abroad

- After 1 year or more in the country

- Impatriation

- In your country, managing & lead a multicultural team

Team workshop:

- Co-Create your unique team cultural identity to create aligned values, beliefs & behaviors

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