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Pilot your expatriation

Taking your family abroad? (maybe for the first time) I know it's super exciting and intimidating at the same time, right? Well, if you're feeling a "little" overwhelmed, alone and stressed about the uncertainty of this adventure, and if you're looking for some tips on how to best emotionally prepare for this adventure and proven strategies to adapt faster to a country, you've come to the right place to pilot your expatriation

From expat partner
to expat leader

Program outline

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MOdule 01

The Map:
A bird eye view on the Expat Paradigm

  • Discover your new environment

  • The 4 sources of stress that tag along the Expat life cycle

  • What's the Emotional Journey of an Expat

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module 02

our Fuel & Tools:
Let's get equipped for this ride

  • Tools to manage our mental energy

  • 7 super powers  

  • 2 mindset shifts

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module 03

our gps:
the objectives & intentions 

  • Prepare as a family 

  • Stress management 

  • Mindset

  • 3 emotional signs something is off

  • 2 pitfalls to avoid​

  • 3 key life principals to keep in mind

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module 04

Let's dive in!
Connect to Create

  • How to make friends abroad

  • Learn how to start a conversation with anyone

  • Tools to create your professional network step by step

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