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Hi, I'm Anne Guslandi
Welcome to The Expat Corner!

Let's create a new life abroad, that you love and are truly proud of 

Courage. Curiosity. Full heart. Authenticity. 

Say goodbye to the loneliness of the slump phase, and hello to the Expat Corner.

The place where you'll transform & Energize your experience abroad, so that you'll adapt & find your footing faster

Recreating a life abroad is challenging! No doubt about that! I've never met someone who said it was easy. Quite the contrary actually. Wherever you go, road blocks are coming your way. 

I can't change your challenges you'll face but I can help you better deal with them, by reacting differently to them, empowering you to wear your strongest, agile & resilient suit, teaching you tools and proven strategies, to not letting them drag you down, but to keep your energy up!


As I always say: "A move is messy but don't let it mess you up!" right?



Take the lead: I created "Pilot Your Expatriation & Beyond" to gear you up for the ride. Mental and emotional preparation to ease the change is often overlooked but is also key to navigating this big life transition and creating the life abroad you truly want to experience.

"An expatriation is, above all, a human adventure that starts with ourselves."

"In one word Anne is extraordinary guiding you through the self-discovery process without a fix agenda, simply focused on you as a leader".


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