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Plan like a pro

Your VIP Logistic day 1:1

Are you very busy and feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe this is your first move abroad and you don't know where to start? Want an efficient tool so you can be in control of your move abroad?

We're going to use Trello. It's an app, super easy to manipulate. I've pre-designed a template for doing exactly that! It's based on many expats experiences (and my own).

We just need to adapt this template to your needs and requirements so you'll save lots of time in organizing your move.  You'll feel in control of your timeline, on the little steps to take for each tasks and crystal clear on what to do next.

On Trello, you create a to-do list that you can share with many people:


  • It is accessible on your desktop and on your mobile.

  • You can set a date and assign a person to complete a specific task.

  • Check off when it's done

  • Split a task into subtasks

  • Get a task overview in a calendar

The VIP Logistic Day on Zoom includes:

  • Initial zoom call/set up call: up to 60'

  • Zoom working session: 90' to make your plan up and running

  • A follow-up zoom call: 30' 

  • 1 month of e-mail support after the zoom working session

Nb: 1 week maximum between the initial call and the working session

Price:   588CHF but until July 2023 it's only 488CHF

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